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Jan 08

Finally finished editing some weddings pictures I did for a favour a couple of weeks ago! I should never put things off I just become more reluctant to do it. I am not usually a photographer of weddings but it was quite a nice day, stressful though I don’t envy wedding photographers one bit haha.

I have started writing a few ideas down for some new shorts not sure where they are going yet but it’s always great to get things down on paper before it’s forgotten. I would really like to enter the virgin media shorts competition again this year and I have a few ideas for it so maybe if I get my act together I can actually make at least one of these ideas.

I have also started trying to learn Spanish style guitar, it’s ridiculously difficult I don’t think I really realised what I was getting myself into but at the same time I do love a challenge so we shall have to see if I am any better in a couple of months.

I am also very excited because I have booked my tickets to Berlin for my birthday in February it shall be a welcome break. I also might be doing some work helping out the lovely people at Kraak Gallery which should be  fun, I am looking forward to it

Here is a lovely song to leave you with from the upcoming film MarthaMarcyMayMarlene which I can’t wait to see.