Mar 26

House of Dust & Orange Lions Pitch Video Recce

So we have finished our latest film house of dust you can watch it here Please leave us comments and let us know what you think :)

We are now in pre productions for our summer project Orange Lions which is all very exciting. We went to the beach to make a pitch video, it was a lovely summers day in March and here are some of the stills.


Mar 04

Set Design for House Of Dust

This weekend we completed the set design for the greenhouse scene in our upcoming short ‘House Of Dust’ have a look at the stills.


Feb 27

House of Dust

We have a new short film in development that we will be entering into Virgin Media Shorts and Reed Film competition as well as many other festivals. Please check out our campaign and help us!


This is our pitch for the film, please visit our IndieGoGo site to read about the project. please follow us on Twitter and Facebook!




Jan 08

Finally finished editing some weddings pictures I did for a favour a couple of weeks ago! I should never put things off I just become more reluctant to do it. I am not usually a photographer of weddings but it was quite a nice day, stressful though I don’t envy wedding photographers one bit haha.

I have started writing a few ideas down for some new shorts not sure where they are going yet but it’s always great to get things down on paper before it’s forgotten. I would really like to enter the virgin media shorts competition again this year and I have a few ideas for it so maybe if I get my act together I can actually make at least one of these ideas.

I have also started trying to learn Spanish style guitar, it’s ridiculously difficult I don’t think I really realised what I was getting myself into but at the same time I do love a challenge so we shall have to see if I am any better in a couple of months.

I am also very excited because I have booked my tickets to Berlin for my birthday in February it shall be a welcome break. I also might be doing some work helping out the lovely people at Kraak Gallery which should be  fun, I am looking forward to it

Here is a lovely song to leave you with from the upcoming film MarthaMarcyMayMarlene which I can’t wait to see.


Dec 17

First Aid Kit – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by thejenster

I love this song so much it reminds me of the summer, long hot days, bike rides and straw hats. :)


Dec 17

Production stills from Shadow


Dec 16

New Short Film in development!

I am currently working on a new short that I co wrote with Carrie Wemyss called Orange Lions – please visit the site and read our synopsis, we are going to be starting an indie gogo site soon for anyone kind enough to make a donation to help us make the film.

We are hoping to shoot in Scotland around August next year.  I am very excited about this project and collaborating with Carrie who will be doing the production design for it as she has some amazing ideas. We  have an amazing team so far –

Louise Deason as our producer

Daniel McPake as the DOP


Hayley Stuart as the 1st AD

Casting is starting in the new year.

This is an image from the latest film I worked on, it was quite stressful at times but good fun all the same.


It's a wrap





Nov 29

First post on my website that is finally up!! woo

Hello there,


Well I have been quite busy over the past few months.

I finished production on an independant horror feature in which I was DOP :)

We attended the virgin media shorts awards ceremony in which we were short listed in the final 12.

I am now planning my next short which is going to be filmed in August in Scotland really looking forward to it.


That’s about it over now hopefully I can remember to keep this blog updated.